Via Agnolo da Poliziano 5/7 Firenze - Tel. 055 XXXXXXX

Piazza Matteotti 80 Greve in Chianti Firenze - Tel. 055 8546372

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Via Agnolo da Poliziano 5/7 Firenze - Tel. 055 XXXXXXX

Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 80 - 50022 Greve in Chianti (Firenze) - Tel: (+39) 055 8546372


The season of boiled chestnuts, chestnuts, polenta, desserts!

Chestnuts and chestnut flour from Casentino feature mainly in the dessert section of our menu, homemade and delicious  like our chestnut mousse with persimmon cream.

It is also the time of freshly pressed olive oil to be enjoyed simply with toasted bread to release all its perfumes and indescribable tastes.


Cabbage and pulses of every variety, canola cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans…all used in various combinations for soups and broths such as the fantastic “Ribollita”.

An other dish of this period is the Risotto with canola cabbage and Tarese bacon from the Arno valley.


From Thursday to Sunday arrives in the osteria the fish from Orbetello ; we are supplied with the freshest fish from the fisherman of Orbetello. From Bream to Sea Bass, encompassing all that our suppliers catch, to guarantee the best quality fish cooked simply to enhance its flavor.

Summer is also the season of delicious red tomatoes coming directly from local growers, that are the heroes of many of our dishes!


It is the first appearance of asparagus and artichokes…the reawakening of all those vegetables that waited patiently all through the winter months!

After the winter pause we begin using goat cheese again for our popular dish of meat wraps (bresaola chianina) with cherry tomatoes from Torre Guaceto. The goat cheese is locally produced.

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