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What we believe...

Dear Clients, as you enter our Osteria you will see that our kitchen is on view because we believe that whoever enters should be able to see what we are preparing.

All that we do though is not only what goes on in the kitchen, that is the final stage of the preparation. More importantly and what we want to let you know is that through the years we have always created our dishes using premium products not only the result of constant research but a commitment to quality. We do not use frozen ingredients, preservatives or any other nonsense; seasonal produce is fundamental to our cooking.

Raw materials

The Osteria  regularly reinforces its commitment to the slow food philosophy using ingredients from smaller specialist producers that are to be supported and encouraged for their constant production of what would otherwise be lost.

This attention to detail is the most important aspect of our work: an added guarantee of this is that we know personally all our suppliers  and over the years we have established a working friendship based on trust. They are all local farmers.

In the Osteria  you can sample the wonderful extra virgin olive oil produced by the Pruneti brothers, the handmade pasta of Giovanni Fabbri as well as Marco’s fresh goats cheese produced in Greti, 3 km from our restaurant; and then, of course, our two house wines produced by Francesco and Paolo.

Our lengthy research into the best quality meat led us to Trequanda to Enrico Ricci, the butcher. He raises exclusively Chianina cattle and supplies us with IGP steaks.

Our coldcuts are supplied by Stefano and Lorenzo Falorni. Every morning trustworthy local vendors bring us fresh fruit and vegetables.

We also personally know all the wine producers that supply us and being located in Greve in Chianti we have only top quality wine at a great price without the need to follow any wine trends!

Our desserts are all made in our kitchens with the exception of the Cantuccini biscuits, made by Mauro, Greve’s premium baker, unbeatable in taste and quality!

The territory

We live in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. A land sculpted over the years by farmers, where vineyards, olive groves and woodland blend harmoniously with stone farmhouses on the hillsides.

But for us, this land is mostly about the people of Chianti regardless of their heritage.

To talk of Chianti these days is commonplace, we believe that it is important to recall the years when many people fled the rural areas but here all remained intact, allowing a sense of pride in this land and its generosity.

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